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FRIDAY, 7 APRIL @ 6:00pm

A Time to Remember the Cross

While on Easter Sunday we celebrate the joy of the resurrection, we take time on Good Friday to mourn the pain and grief of the cross. Meditating on our Lord's suffering leads us to reverence and gratitude, but also to an awareness of our sinful and broken state — which actually sent Christ to the cross. Before we celebrate the light of Easter Sunday, we do well to grieve the darkness of Good Friday. 

SUNDAY, 9 APRIL @ 10:15am

Invite a Friend

This year we’ve made a way for you to invite any and all of your friends to join us for Easter at Whitefish Naz. Swing by the church foyer and grab a handful of personal invite cards. We’re expectant that on this day of days, as we look at the empty grave and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, that anything is possible for anyone.

So who do you need to invite this year? Who is waiting for you? Who won’t know unless you tell them? As a Church, we want to have winsome hearts, and Easter is our moment to invite everyone we’ve been praying for to come and hear the best news, so that all may know, Jesus is Alive!

SUNDAY, 9 APRIL @ 10:15am


If you're ready to be baptized, we'll be having an Easter baptism service!

If you've made a commitment to Jesus, we encourage you to follow Jesus’ command to be baptized as a public profession of your faith in him.  If you haven’t made a commitment to Jesus, you can learn more about him;  say a prayer to invite him into your life, and to talk with a Christian friend or a church leader about it.  We then invite you to be baptized to make a public confession of your faith.

When Christians are baptized, they fulfill the command of Jesus (Matt. 28:19–20), are submerged in water to identify with the death of Jesus, and rise out of the water to identify with his resurrection (Rom. 6:1–10; Col. 2:12).  This identification with the death, burial, and resurrection through baptism testifies to the fact that we believe in faith that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, rose three days later, and now is alive and Lord over all of creation.

As you watch baptisms you’ll see each person about to be baptized talking with the pastor. They’re answering basic questions such as:
   “Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?”
   “Do you believe that your sin has separated you from God?”
   “Have you repented of that sin?”
   “Do you believe that Jesus died and rose, conquering Satan, sin, and death?”
And then...
   “We baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

Bring shorts and a t-shirt that can get wet. Bring a towel and water shoes or shoes that can get wet. Bring an open and thankful heart.


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