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  • Jason Wilson

Wednesday Devotion: Will We Engage? 

The temple in Jerusalem was a bustling hub of activity in the first century. Thousands gathered daily to pray, worship, and learn. The sights, sounds, and smells were vibrant and overwhelming - cows sacrificed, incense burning, Levites singing psalms. For the early followers of Jesus, the temple wasn't just a building - it was the center of religious and community life. 

Yet, in those same temple courts, Jesus had overturned tables and challenged greed. The temple leaders had demanded His death. Wouldn't it be easier for the disciples to avoid this place that rejected their Messiah?

But God had given them a mission: to share the gospel with those around them, even if it led to ridicule or harm. Their calling to bring Christ's love to the temple trumped any fear. 

Maybe they recalled Jesus' words, "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it up again in three days." His kingdom would triumph over legalism and corruption. The disciples were called to manifest that kingdom of grace.

So the followers of Jesus faithfully returned to the temple day after day. They preached boldly from Solomon's Portico, seeing it as a place to proclaim freedom and healing, not bondage. Their courage challenges us still today: will we withdraw from places and people that make us uncomfortable? Or will we engage wholeheartedly, trusting God to use us wherever we are? Take heart - the Spirit who empowered those first Christians equips us still.


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