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  • Jason Wilson

Wednesday Devotion: Shhhh! 

During WWII, those little words said it all. "Loose lips sink ships" screamed on propaganda posters everywhere. Why the hush-hush? Simple. American sailors' lives depended on it. One wrong word about a ship's route could steer the enemy straight toward it. 

Yet back then, spreading secrets wasn't so easy. No cell phones. No social media. No internet. Just face-to-face chit chat. 

Imagine if the Apostle James lived today. He warned about the dangers of an "unruly evil, full of deadly poison." But his words explode with new intensity in our world of texts, posts, and tweets spreading that poison in seconds. 

Regrets? Oh yes. Many people (including myself)  cringe thinking of things blurted in anger or haste. And unlike fists, words wound from a distance. No take-backs. 

The damage today? Exponential. Truths twisted. Lies told. Facts buried. Fake news. Hidden agendas. Gossip gone viral. Hate speech unchecked. And tragically, blessings and encouragement often drowned out.

No wonder James ties our words to our hearts. What fills our hearts flows from our lips, for good or ill. So changing our words means changing our hearts. But only the Holy Spirit can work that miracle. 

I've learned when I'm tired or hurt, my first reaction is often selfish and harsh. But when I wait, pray, and invite the Spirit to change me on the inside, what flows out looks far more like Jesus. 

Shhhh...the Spirit is reshaping my heart. I long for my words to whisper His grace. How about you?

Think of a time recently where your tongue was not tamed. How did it corrupt your whole body and the course of your life (James 3:6)? After reading this section of James, how do you better understand the importance of your tongue and the words you use? Who can you apologize to, own your failures, and invite the Holy Spirit to change how you speak to or about them?


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