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  • Jason Wilson

Wednesday Devotion: Day by Day 

Day by day... 

I'll be honest, slowing down is not my forte. I thrive on dreaming big and chasing after ambitious goals. But you know what I've realized? The Apostles in Acts 2 had massive dreams too - to spread the Gospel far and wide. Yet day by day, step by step, they paved the path to achieving that vision. Christianity's worldwide reach today is no accident; it's the fruit of their faithful daily grind. I'm convicted and inspired by their example. If I want big dreams to become reality, I need to embrace the small daily steps with purpose and patience. One day at a time, with God's strength, those steps will lead to places I never imagined. 

In Acts 2:46 we get a glimpse into the apostles' daily routine. They were united in heart, time, resources - and they did it all with sincerity and joy. This wasn't just checking boxes! Their spiritual disciplines flowed from a heart of worship. 

As they faithfully nurtured their faith day by day, "the Lord added to their number daily" (Acts 2:47). Do you see the connection? God blessed the fruit of their steady devotion. 

What could happen if we wholeheartedly said "yes" to the Spirit's leading every day? Let's find out! Our daily pursuit of God can be an act of praise. If we devote ourselves step-by-step, I believe God will do great things through our lives too. The journey begins now.


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