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  • Jason Wilson

Wednesday Devotion: Anchor 

We all have dreams for what lies ahead, yet we often fear that our pasts will drag us back into old patterns. Though the enemy wants us focused behind, fixated on failures and haunted by habits, God tells us today: begin again. The past is real, but each day is new, with mercy to guide us forward. 

When God led His people from Egypt’s bondage, He went before them as a pillar of cloud and fire, not behind. As Exodus records, they were exiting the past and moving into God’s promised future. 

What bondage does God want to free you from today? What guilt, shame or fear does He want to release, so you can walk into His truth?

When Jesus said “It is finished” and gave His life on the cross, the curse over you was shattered. The veil separating us from God was torn in two. Guilt, shame and condemnation lost their grip. Wounds were healed in His wounds. Death died as Jesus came alive. 

So today, let His righteousness, not yours, be your anchor. Begin again in the mercy and grace of Christ, who lives in all who trust Him. The past is finished; your new start has begun.


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