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  • Jason Wilson

Tuesday Devotion: Get Your Hands Dirty!

James is like bootcamp for practical Christianity from start to finish. Like his big brother Jesus, who came down from heaven to get his hands dirty, James' faith is all about deeds, not creeds. He couldn’t care less if you win Bible Bee while living like hell the rest of the week.

The book of James is like a calloused hand - rough around the edges but eager to get to work. While the Apostle Paul soars in lofty theological heights, James keeps his boots firmly planted in the dirt. Faith, for James, is defined by action. 

You can almost picture him writing this letter over lunch, his sleeves rolled up and his hands still dusty from the morning's labor. As he takes a bite of his sandwich, he scribbles out a challenge to all who would hear his message: enough talking - it's time to get your hands dirty!

James is the blue-collar scholar, tossing us the keys to ministry without lengthy instructions. The Holy Spirit will guide us as we go. Like a dad teaching his kid to drive, James nudges us forward with a gruff yet loving, "Get out there and do it!"

1.      Suffering? Pray for them.

2.      Cheerful? Sing with them.

3.      Sick? Anoint and pray for them.

4.      Sinning? Confess it.

5.      Unhealthy? Pray for each other.

6.      Powerless? Pray some more.

7.      Wandering? Bring them back.

What are we waiting for? God is calling each of us to serve and to work. There's no need to overcomplicate things.

So, what's God calling you to do? Who needs your service? Where should you get to work?  Let's roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and answer the call!

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