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  • Jason Wilson

Tuesday Devotion: Devoted

Listen up, friends. If you're reading this, chances are you've already committed to following Jesus. You've welcomed Him into your life as Lord of all - whether you're a new believer or you've been on this faith journey for years. That makes everything in this devotional for you.

But let's be real: some folks today say they know Jesus yet rarely follow Him. Back in the early church, that half-hearted faith would have seemed totally bizarre!

Choosing to follow Jesus means going all in. It's handing Him the keys to every corner of your life and saying, "Lord. Have your way in me." It's pursuing Him with a heart on fire. It's living like our loving Savior is right by our side 24/7, because guess what? He is. And He delights in you!

So as we dive into God's Word today, know that you belong here. The Lord is ready to meet you on these pages and equip you to follow Him fully - today and every day. Let's do this, friend!

There are four All In priorities in Acts 2:42 that a disciple is devoted to: 

1. Apostles’ Teaching - Reading the Word of God.  

2. Fellowship - Gathering in groups and enjoying each other’s company.  

3. Breaking of Bread - Taking the Lord’s Supper and so much more.  

4. Prayer - Talking with the Lord in the many different forms of prayer.

As followers of Jesus, we must set our hearts on fire with the Holy Spirit. We must long for the wonder and awe that the first Christians felt. When the Church unites with passion and devotion, we will see the signs, wonders and miracles that shook the world in Acts. The apostles turned the world upside down by living out their faith wholeheartedly. We too can transform our communities when we pursue God with reckless abandon. Our hearts should beat with confidence that the same Spirit which empowered the early Church lives in us! Let's fan the flame of faith into an unstoppable blaze. Together, we will fulfill the Great Commission. The choice is ours: will we live lukewarm or become torchbearers of God's glory? I choose the fire of the Spirit. Who will join me? 

Let's walk boldly with Jesus into the joy of Scripture, the warmth of fellowship, the grace of communion, and the wonder of prayer. This isn't drudgery, friends, but pure delight! Are you ready to stride into God's throne room and soak in His presence? I know I am. What an adventure awaits as we follow our Lord wholeheartedly today!

Are you ready to dive in head first and experience just how good the Lord truly is? Let His sweetness overwhelm your senses.

Will you take the leap of faith, letting go of all your worries and trusting that He will catch you in His strong and caring arms? Lean on Him fully, for He yearns to lift your burdens.

Will you tune your ear to hear the gentle voice of your Shepherd calling you? He is the Good Shepherd who sacrificed everything out of His great love for you. Listen for His voice and follow Him wholeheartedly.


Acts 2:41-43

Psalm 34:8

1 Peter 5:7

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