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  • Jason Wilson

Thursday Devotion: Open Lives 

“Day by day continuing with one mind in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart.” - Acts 2:46 

Imagine this: The disciples are going from house to house, sharing meals and stories. They're not just visiting friends - they're on a mission. This is church in the 1st century. 

It's not about fancy buildings or crowded temples. It's about community. Sharing life together. Encouraging each other in faith.  

Meeting in homes made it personal. Intimate. They could ask questions, pray for each other, and see God at work up close. It was the perfect place to grow - and to be equipped to spread the Good News.

The same thing happened after Pentecost. Believers gathered in homes to learn, worship, and spread the Gospel. Their numbers grew rapidly as they lived out their faith in real life. 

Even Paul got in on it, teaching and preaching house to house. Home by home, life by life, the Kingdom expanded. 

Imagine that kind of authentic community today. A place where masks come off and hearts open up. Where lost people find purpose and lonely people find family. 

God designed us for relationship - with Him and each other. Just like those early home churches, our faith is meant to be shared. Our lives are meant to make His love visible. 

What if we recaptured the vision of those first disciples? 

Imagine a church where believers meet together in homes, sharing life and meals, praying and worshipping as family. A church not confined within four walls, but extending into neighborhoods and communities in radical love. What if this was the norm? Friends, God is calling us to a fresh expression of church grounded in Acts 2. The first followers of Jesus met house-to-house, caring for each other and reaching out. They turned their world upside down. The Spirit wants to do it again through you. Are you ready to go all in? Kingdom revolution starts in living rooms.

The Kingdom is waiting for ordinary people to live it out in everyday life. Let's open our doors, our tables, and our lives. There's a world that needs what we have - radical welcome, grace, and the hope of Christ. 


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