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  • Jason Wilson

Thursday Devotion: Day by Day

Day by day, the Apostles moved in rhythm with the Holy Spirit. They didn't sit around waiting for their dreams to come true - they made it happen, one step at a time.

These were bold visionaries on a mission from God. The fire of the Holy Spirit burned within them, fueling their drive to spread the Good News far and wide. And look what they accomplished! Christianity exploded across continents and remains the world's largest religion today. That's no accident, my friend.

The Apostles' secret? A rock-solid daily devotion. Acts 2:46 reveals how they came together in unity - unifying their hearts, time, and resources - with overflowing gladness and sincerity. This was no dreary religious ritual for them. No, they reveled in the chance to worship and praise God every single day.

Their passion was contagious! As they devoted themselves to the work, the Lord added more and more to their numbers. Amazing things happen when we say "yes" to the Spirit's promptings day by day. New doors swing wide open.

Let the Apostles' boldness ignite you. There's no limit to what God can do through someone fully devoted to the daily journey. With the Spirit's unstoppable power, you can accomplish the vision He's placed in your heart, step by step and day by day. Are you all in? Let's see what He has in store when we relentlessly pursue His purpose for our lives.


Acts 2:46-47

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