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  • Jason Wilson

Thursday Devotion: Continually

“They were continually devoting themselves...” -Acts 2:42 

The daily grind. The humdrum routine. Wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. 

How often do we break out of the mundane and do something extraordinary? How often do we pursue a higher purpose with relentless devotion? 

Not often enough, if we're being honest. 

I don't wake up every morning on fire to serve God's plan for my life. I don't steadfastly dedicate each day to growing closer to Him. Some days, I just go through the motions on autopilot. 

But what if today could be different? What if we resolved to continually seek God with single-minded focus? 

The original Greek word for "continually" means an unbreakable loyalty and unwavering commitment to a cause or belief. No distractions. No interruptions. Eyes fixed on the prize.

The early apostles understood this kind of relentless devotion to Christ. But today, it's tempting to let our passion waver. Our minds wander. Our hearts grow distracted. 

Yet God invites us into more. More of His presence. More of His purpose. He longs to know us deeply.

We can't just sit back passively and say, "I'm ready when You are, God!" We must take charge of our spiritual growth. Create a plan. Go all in. 

This very day, resolve to seek Him continually. To devote yourself fully. To be all in, holding nothing back. 

Together, let's pursue God's purpose for our lives with relentless, fiery passion. No turning back. Eyes fixed on the prize. Let's do this!


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