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  • Jason Wilson

Thursday Devotion: Ask For Wisdom 

When you were a kid, you probably dreamed of getting three wishes from a genie in a bottle. If a wish-granting genie appeared right now, what would you ask for? Riches? Romance? Easy kids? Forget the in-laws? Perfect health? Your answer reveals a lot about you. 

Get this - King Solomon was actually offered one wish from God Himself! (Pretty wild, right?) Solomon didn't ask for money or power. He asked for wisdom. God was so pleased that He gave Solomon wisdom, plus wealth and honor to boot! 

Throughout the Bible, wisdom is called more valuable than all the money in the world. Nothing you could wish for compares. But here's the crazy part - God freely gives wisdom to anyone who asks! It's His gift to us.

True wisdom comes straight from the heart of God. It looks like humility, not pride. It flows from a Spirit-filled life, not selfish ambition. Bitterness blocks wisdom's flow, but peace and righteousness let it grow.

One day Jesus will return to make all things right. The Kingdom of Heaven will be marked by grace, love and peace. The Kingdom of Hell by judgment, hatred and strife. Even now, our daily choices invite one kingdom or the other into our lives.  

So don't waste your life on temporary things. Ask God for wisdom - it's the most valuable request you could ever make!

How have you seen bitterness (including unforgiveness, an unhealed hurt, or a jealousy of someone else) constrict the flow of the Holy Spirit and wisdom in your life?


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