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  • Jason Wilson

Monday Devotion:Togetherness  

Friends, God has a vision for our lives that goes beyond small talk and snacks. He desires true koinonia—(intimate spiritual communion and participative sharing in a common commitment and spiritual community) a fellowship like the early church experienced. When those first believers embraced Christ, they embraced each other. Compassion compelled them to meet needs. Their homes became havens for the hungry and hurting. They were family. 

Today God is stirring our hearts, calling us to recapture this radical togetherness. But how? Our lives are busy, our schedules crowded. We're scattered across towns and time seem scarce. Is koinonia still possible? 

Absolutely! God's providence has led you to this moment. He has strategically placed you among co-workers, neighbors, and friends. Ask Him to show you who needs a spiritual family. Open your heart and home. Share meals, struggles, and prayers. God will knit you together in love.  

The early church met in homes. Yours can become a house of healing. Over coffee, show compassion. While walking, encourage. Reach out across fences and Facebook. The lonely, lost, and overlooked are waiting. Will you make room at your table? 

God has given us the gift of community. We must steward it well. Community groups and Bible studies are a great start. But don't stop there. Press into deeper relationships. Follow Jesus' compassion. Where there is koinonia, the Spirit moves in power! 

The world is watching, hungry to belong. As we echo that first church, sharing all we have, barriers crumble. Lives once shattered are made whole. What we gain is far greater than what we give.

Brothers and sisters, this is God's call. Let's answer it together!


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