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  • Jason Wilson

Monday Devotion: Hold On

Life on planet earth is so brutal that no one makes it out alive. We all just want Jesus to hurry up already and come back, right? But let's be real - God's got His own timeline. He knows what He's doing. While we're waiting, it's easy to get impatient and try to figure it all out. But chasing end times theories won't bring Jesus back any sooner. 

Instead, let's live like He could return at any moment! Our patient endurance shows we trust God's perfect timing. Just look at the prophets, Job or King David - they faithfully endured trials while anticipating God's promises. 

We can have that same confidence. Jesus already saved us and gave us eternal life! He's thrown out an anchor for our souls so we can weather the storms of doubt and fear. Even when people cause trouble or indulge themselves, we know our Lord is coming back. We've seen His compassion and faithfulness. 

So hang in there, friend! God will bless us if we remain steadfast. Rely on His strength, not your own. He who holds you will never let you go.

Ask yourself:

When do you find your patience wearing thin? What trying situations make you want to take matters into your own hands instead of trusting God? Have you harbored any doubts about God's goodness or faithfulness? What unbiblical beliefs might you need to confess and repent of? What truths about God's character can you meditate on to stay anchored in faith when storms arise? 

Let's take an honest look inward. How can you cultivate the patience, trust, and endurance that honors God in adversity? What Scriptures speak to your areas of weakness? Hold onto God's promises and cling to His perfect love that casts out fear. With His strength, you can weather the toughest trials.


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