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  • Jason Wilson

Monday Devotion: Desperate

Even when life has us pinned against the ropes, hope still lives. Just look at the sick woman who reached for Jesus' robe that day. For years she suffered from constant bleeding that no doctor could cure. She spent every last coin on so-called healers, only to watch her condition worsen. By the time she heard Jesus was near, she had reached the end of her rope. With no strength left to stand, she crawled through the crowd and stretched out her frail hand. In that moment of pure desperation, she found the faith to try one last time. 

Though her circumstances seemed impossible, she believed a touch of Jesus would change everything. And sure enough, the second her fingers grasped the hem, her bleeding stopped and her strength returned. So take heart! However desperate things may seem now, don't give up. Keep believing and reach for Jesus. Your breakthrough may be just a touch away.

The accounts in Luke and Mark paint a bleak portrait of a woman drained in body and bank account. Her endless flow of blood made her a perpetual outcast under Old Testament purity laws (see Leviticus 15:25-31). Socially and spiritually isolated, this woman was trapped in an unfixable predicament.

Yet her desperation drove her to Jesus. With no options left, she devised an unlikely, last-ditch plan - to simply touch him. This audacious act of faith proved the only real solution to her problems. Where circumstances had crushed her hope, Jesus restored it. What her money could not buy, his power provided for free. The unwavering trust that led her to reach out also opened the door to healing.

Don't let hard times push you away from Jesus. When life gets tough, lean in closer. The woman with the issue of blood shows us how it's done. Her health was fading, and doctors offered no help. But she had heard about the healer from Nazareth. So she pressed through the crowd, thinking, "If I can just touch His robe, I'll be made well!" Desperate times called for desperate measures. And her bold act of faith paid off. She got her miracle.

Friend, Jesus sees you in your struggle today. He longs to meet your need. So draw near to Him with bold, expectant faith. Reach out and touch Him through prayer. Lay your troubles at His feet. He is still the great Physician, and His healing power has not diminished. Take heart - your breakthrough is on the way!


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