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  • Jason Wilson

Monday Devotion: Brighter

Life's fleeting nature makes it easy to lose perspective. We become absorbed in the mundane, forgetting how  fragile we are. Though we may feel mighty, our lives are but a whisper against the vastness of the cosmos.

We have one brief chance to live purposefully. Our choices, however seemingly small, have eternal significance. Daily, we need God's help to properly value the temporal and eternal.

Grace awakens us to lasting joys. Through faith in Christ, we embrace each grace-filled day as an opportunity to glorify God, despite our weaknesses. In surrendering our lives to Him, His glory shines brighter through us. No circumstance can separate us from His love. When lived for Christ, even a fleeting life echoes into eternity.

With eternity's perspective, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why sleepwalk through life when we can live each moment purposefully empowered by God's Spirit? We have one shot to live for what matters most. It's our move.

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