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  • Jason Wilson

Thursday Devotion: Curveballs 

Receiving a gift can be a tricky thing. We've all been there - opening up a present from someone who clearly doesn't know us well. The wrong size, the wrong color, just plain wrong. It makes you wonder if they even care. But when the gift comes from God, our perfect Father who knows exactly what we need, we can trust it's the right gift, even if it's not what we expected.

Just ask Mary, mother of Jesus. In Luke 1 when the angel Gabriel told her she would give birth to the Son of God, it was far from the gift she likely had in mind. Her life became a rollercoaster - from supernatural pregnancy to watching her son murdered. But she handled it with grace because she trusted God's character and His plan. She knew this was the gift she needed, not the gift she wanted.

Life throws us curveballs too. Whether it's losing a job, struggling to find love, or just trying to survive a child's tantrums, we all face trials that make us question where God is or if He cares. But we can look to Jesus, who faced unimaginable struggles, yet responded perfectly. His brother James encourages us to follow Christ's example and endure trials through faith.

Here's the thing - what happens to us doesn't determine who we become. How we respond does. When life spins out of control, we have a choice. Give in to temptation and sin? Or hold onto faith and let God empower us through the trial?

It's like flipping a coin every day. On one side is trial, the other temptation. Choosing sin means joining Satan's team and rebelling against God when He seems absent. Choosing holiness means sticking with Jesus no matter how hard life gets.

The good news? We all mess up sometimes. But Jesus specializes in forgiveness and second chances. With Him, we can retake the test as many times as it takes to pass life's trials through faith.


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