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  • Jason Wilson

Friday Devotion: Something Incredible

The word “fellowship” isn’t what it used to be. Back in New Testament times, it meant something real—a deep sharing of life together. The first believers didn’t just hang out; they shared everything, because their common bond in Christ changed everything. 

It blew their minds that they shared the same Spirit. The same salvation. The same Father. They were family—for real family, not just church friends. So they shared their lives—the good, the bad, the ugly—like family does. 

These days we’re quick to throw the word “fellowship” around. But let’s be real: sharing a meal after church isn’t real fellowship. Chatting in the church lobby isn’t real fellowship. We’re scared to really share life together. It’s easier to just do surface-level friendships.

But what if we’re missing out on something incredible? Something soul-changing, like those first believers experienced? 

See, it isn’t about fitting “fellowship” into our busy lives. It’s about recapturing the wonder that we share the same Lord, the same Spirit. If we really grasped how amazing that is, then radical sharing of life would just flow naturally.

So today let’s lay aside the excuses and return to the wonder and the joy of salvation and let’s experience fellowship for real—holding nothing back from the family of God. Who's with me?


Acts 2:42

1 John 1:3

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