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  • Jason Wilson

Friday Devotion: In His Eyes

Your worth is not determined by fleeting measures or superficial judgments, but rather by the eternal value God has placed within you. Though the world may try to define you by your past mistakes, apparent shortcomings, or lack of accomplishments, God sees you through eyes of grace. When He looks at you, He sees the beautiful imprint of His image - woven into the very fabric of your being - that marks you as His precious child. No failure or rejection can alter your intrinsic worth in His eyes. Even when lost in the darkness of sin, unable to offer Him anything worthy, His love remains unchanged. 

So great is His love that He sent Jesus to carry your shame and redeem you with His blood. Though you did not choose Him, He chose you, He pursued you at the greatest cost and sealed your eternal worth through His sacrifice. Now you have the identity of a dearly loved son or daughter, handpicked by God to bear lasting fruit for His glory.

The enemy will continually try to undermine your value, dredging up your old identity. But God's word stands true: You Are Loved, chosen, and redeemed forever. No longer defined by your past, He alone determines your worth. Forged through His love and mercy, your life now rests securely in His hands.


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