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  • Jason Wilson

Friday Devotion: Conflict 

Friends, selfishness comes easy. We don't have to learn it - it's wired into our sinful DNA. Just watch a toddler grab a toy without a thought for the other child. "Mine!" comes as naturally as breathing. And if we're honest, not much changes as we grow up. 

James saw this. He knew our selfishness shows up when we get all riled up and quarrelsome. When our emotions run hot with jealousy and ambition, chaos follows. Ever notice that? James sure did. He called it "disorder and every vile practice."

See, our pride makes us speak evil of others. Makes us judge them while we cozy up to the world. Really, it's a slap in God's face as we buddy up with the devil. We think spiritual warfare is all supernatural. But truth is, when we turn jealous, angry, selfish - we hand Satan the win. 

This cuts to the core of who we love - self or God and others. When we put ourselves first all the time, we make ourselves God's enemy. Real friendship with him requires humility. Drawing near to God means repenting of our bent toward selfishness. It means making him the center, not ourselves. And that changes how we treat others too. From fights to peace. From judgment to love.

James talked about good fruit like impartiality and peace. Now he warns against the bad fruit of seeking our passions over living like Christ. 

Here's what I can say. Proud people fight proud people. The proud beat up the humble. But the humble don't go to war with each other. Two humble souls forgive, move on, heal up. Why? The proud are stuck fighting to win. But the humble worship together. 

You know something's demonic when everyone loses. It's fleshly when one wins at the cost of another. But it's Spirit-led when both live in grace. God doesn't play favorites. He longs to bless all His kids. So choose humility. Make less of yourself to make more of God and others. That's the win-win we're made for.


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