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  • Jason Wilson

Community Group Questions- Mark 4:21-34 




  - Wednesday @ 6pm for dinner

  - 7pm for worship / Youth Group


  Vision Sunday and Break the Fast Soup Potluck This Sunday Jan 28th Following Service


  - 1 Mar @ 4PM

  - $45 (scholarships available / limited seating) 

Discussion Questions

"The Kingdom of God is hidden in plain sight - revealed to those who are spiritually responsive to  the revelation of God, its growth is a work of God and much bigger and better than we can imagine!" 

What inspires you to persevere when progress seems painfully slow? 

How does the placement of the lamp reveal its purpose (21)? How does this reveal Jesus’ intention in telling parables (22)?

Why did Jesus emphasize having ears to hear (23)?  

Read verse 24. In order to understand the meaning of Jesus’ parables, what should we do?

What does “pay attention to what you hear” mean to you?

How does Jesus’ analogy encourage us to  devote our attention to thinking about his words (24b-25)?  

What is the kingdom of God like (26)?

What does this parable teach us about the power of the  gospel (27)?

What can we learn about God’s Kingdom from the seed’s independence from the sower, the stages of growth, and the certain harvest (28-29)?  

What do Jesus’ questions teach us about the mystery of the Kingdom of God?

What does the  parable of the mustard seed reveal about God’s kingdom?  

How did Jesus help the crowd to understand the word (33)?

What privilege was given to his  disciples (34)?

Through these parables, how did Jesus plant faith and vision in his disciples? In what way do Christians today actually have an advantage over those disciples? 

Identify 2-3 possible applications from the passage today.  

How would you have answered Jesus’ question in verse 30?  

Does it surprise you that the Kingdom of God is described as being something like farming, and not something more like fireworks? What are the  implications of that? 

What concerns do you think people have about the Christian church today? 

In what ways does the Kingdom of God currently seem to you to be hidden, uncertain, and/or insignificant?  

Have you found these passages to be an encouragement to you? How so? 

In what ways can appearances be deceiving when it comes to the church and God’s Kingdom? 

How do these parables impact your understanding of what God’s doing in this world and what it means for your life?

Final Question: If we were to live out any one or more of these applications as a Community Group what would that look like and how can we help one another?

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