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  • Jason Wilson

Community Group Discussion Questions Mark 7:1-23

What are your favorite family traditions?  Do any of your family's traditions annoy you?

In today's passage, Jesus once again steps on some favorite traditions. Read about it in verses 1-13.

“In Mark 7 we see a beautifully crafted narrative of the work of Jesus. First, the Pharisees send a delegation to visit Jesus. The last time this occurred was back in Mark 2. They present a problem to Jesus that is all about tradition but cloaked in Scripture. Mark has created the tension between human tradition and God’s word. The very next account shows this lived out; Jesus interacts with a Gentile woman with a demon possessed daughter. We see the boldness of a parent and the power of God in their interaction. Mark concludes the chapter by emphasizing how Jesus came to reach everyone. Open your group in prayer and talk about the word of Jesus!”

The Pharisees brought a human tradition problem to Jesus presented as a Scriptural issue (read Mark 7:1-13). What are the positive and negative effects of longtime tradition?

What are the benefits of Scripture over tradition? 

What is ceremonial washing and why was it so important to the Pharisees? 

Why does Jesus call them hypocrites? 

According to Jesus, what is essential to true worship? 

Staying focused on God during worship isn't easy. When your mind starts to wander, how do you focus your heart on Him? 

How did the Pharisees give precedence to tradition over Scripture? 

What traditions do we often place above God's Word?

What do Christ's words in this passage establish about the authority of Scripture compared to other writings? 

Read verses 14-23.

What is Jesus’ main point here? 

Look at the list from Jesus in Mark 7:20-23 and look at what Paul wrote to the early church in Galatians 5:19-23. How come there is no law against the fruit of the Spirit?

Ezekiel tells us that a person can experience the renovation of his/her through the power of God (Ezekiel 36:26). 

As were the Pharisees, have you been focused more on external (behavior) than on the heart? Which do you care for more diligently?

Take some time to plan a date for your community group to get out and serve our community, help a friend of a friend, a single-parent, or someone who is in need this season. 

As we pray, let's commit our hearts completely to God and seek His help in living by His Word alone.

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