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Community Group Discussion Questions: Mark 5:21-43 "Fear Not, Just Believe"

Prayer Points 


We envision sharing the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection with thousands of unchurched family members, friends, and others in our local area, that they will trust Him as Savior and Lord.

Pray for courage to share the Gospel.

Pray for your family members who may not know Jesus.

Pray for your friends who may not know Jesus.

Pray for the people you work with or go to school with who may not know Jesus.

Pray for receptive hearts.

Pray for the people in our local area to know Jesus.

Pray that people will trust in Jesus.

Pray that we will be broken for lost people.

Pray for God’s direction in how our church can specifically share the Gospel with our community.

Your own prayer concerns for evangelism.


We envision developing our people – new believers as well as established believers – into fully functioning Christ-followers through people-friendly, celebratory worship services, special events, and Community Groups.

We envision helping all our people – youth as well as adults – to discover their divine designs so that they are equipped to serve Christ effectively in ministry either within or outside our church. Our goal is that every member be a minister.

Pray that our people will desire a closer and deeper walk with the Lord.

Pray for our church’s ability to make disciples.

Pray for direction for our church in developing new ways to make disciples.

Pray that our more mature people will step up and help make disciples of those less mature.

Pray that our people will desire to serve one another.

Pray for new leaders to come forward in leading church ministry.

Pray that the church will be effective in training and using our people for ministry.

Your own prayer concerns for Discipleship and Ministry.


We envision becoming a church where our people model biblical community: a safe, authentic place where we accept one another and are accepted, love and are loved, led and are leading, encourage and are encouraged, forgive and are forgiven, and serve and are served.

We envision welcoming many members into our body who are excited about Christ, experiencing life-change through worship, discipleship, and Community Groups, and growing together in love.

Pray for our people to be unified and in one accord.

Pray for our people to develop family love for one another.

Pray for our people to be forgiving.

Pray for our people to be encouraging to one another.

Pray for commitment to our church and to one another.

Pray for our Sunday morning services.

Pray for our worship team.

Pray for our pastor.

Pray for our youth leaders.

Pray for the excitement we share in Jesus to never fade away.

Your own prayer concerns for Community and Worship.

Discussion Questions: Mark 5:21-43

"Fear Not, Just Believe"

“When Jesus goes around healing the sick and raising the dead, it's easy to see Him as some kind of miracle genie - just rub the lamp and poof! Your problems disappear. But that's not who Jesus really is. 

These miracles reveal His compassion, yes, but even more than that, they demonstrate His absolute power and authority. He's not just some wandering healer - He's the Lord God Almighty in the flesh! 

And He doesn't perform these wonders simply to make people's lives more comfortable. No, every miraculous sign points to a greater purpose - to strengthen faith in Him. Jesus came to fix way more than broken bodies. He came to mend shattered relationships, to offer forgiveness and restoration to all who would trust in Him.

His compassion compels Him to meet our physical needs, but His true mission goes much deeper. More than a miracle man, Jesus calls us to be His disciples, to follow Him wholeheartedly as Lord of our lives. His miracles grab our attention, but real life transformation happens when we answer that call in faith.”


Mark 5:21-43 

Discussion Questions for Reflection 

1. What makes Jairus’ situation so desperate? 

2. What makes the woman’s situation (verses 24-34) so desperate? 

3. What does the raising of Jairus’ daughter and the healing of the woman reveal  about Jesus? 

4. How would you characterize the nature of Jairus’ faith when he first  approaches Jesus in verses 21-23? Do you think anything changes by the end?  Why or why not? If so, what brought about the change? 

5. How would you characterize the nature of the woman’s faith when she first  approaches Jesus in verses 27-28? Do you think anything changes by the end?  Why or why not? If so, what brought about the change? 

6. How does this passage fit within the larger unit of Mark 4:35-5:43? What are  some of the similarities and differences in the events throughout this unit?  What do you learn from all that?

7. What’s significant about the fact that Jesus touches and is touched by this  unclean woman and this dead girl? How does that point us to the cross and  help us understand the meaning of His death? 

Closing Reflection and Application 

8. Would you agree that the gift Jesus gives in this  passage isn’t the healing of the woman or even the raising of Jairus’ daughter,  but is instead the gift of faith in Him? Why or why not? (Be sure to base your  response on the teaching of the Bible.) 

9. What’s the difference between having faith in faith and having faith in Jesus?  Which is true of you? 

10. What are some of the ways that professing Christians might have ‘faith’ (at  least in terms of how they speak) but not actually have faith in Jesus? What  are some of the false religious things that Christians might be putting their  faith in instead of Jesus? Does this describe you? Is there anything you need  to repent of here? 

11. How has God used disease and death in your life to strengthen your faith in  Jesus? 

12. Are you walking through a trial right now where God seems to be delaying to come and help you? How can you respond in a biblical and Christ-glorifying  kind of way? 

13. How does what you’ve learned about Jesus from this passage strengthen your  faith in Him, and bring you comfort and encouragement?

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