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The community at The Naz is growing, and we're thrilled to announce some exciting changes coming! 

Starting in March, we're taking our relationship with Stonecreek to the next level with our new "Friends" initiative. For years we've dropped off meals on Wednesday nights, but now we want to get personal and really connect, so rather than dropping off a meal each week at a doorstep, we will be encouraging you to join our “Friends” initiative. 

The “Friends” initiative is all about building real relationships - getting to know each other, sharing life experiences, and being there for one another. We'll hang out and share meals, play games, celebrate holidays, and simply enjoy each other's company. This is a chance to show love, foster friendships, and make a difference in each other's lives.

We can't wait to launch Friends and deepen our bonds with the wonderful people at Stonecreek. This is going to be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. See Manita for more details.

Starting in March, we'll be launching additional Community Groups to complement our established Wednesday night and C-Falls groups. These new Groups will meet at 6:30PM for meaningful fellowship and biblical discussion focused on the previous Sunday's message.

Every 3rd Wednesday, all Community Groups will come together at 6PM for a church-wide celebration. We'll enjoy dinner, uplifting worship, encouragement, and prayer - a time to unite as one body and rejoice in all that God is doing in and through us. 

These changes will allow us to build even stronger bonds within our Groups, as well as across our entire church family. Our community is alive and thriving, and it just keeps getting better! We eagerly anticipate growing closer to one another and to Jesus in this next season at The Naz. Exciting days are here!

Things to note: Our weekly Stonecreek dinners will transition to our new “Friends” outreach program. (See Manita for details) This is our chance to really connect with and uplift our community.

On Wednesdays, our schedule will shift a bit - Community Group and Youth Group will now start at 6:30PM instead of 6:00PM. (No dinner on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesday nights) However, every third Wednesday of the month, all groups will join together for dinner at 6PM and for a celebration of faith. These will be times of joyful worship, encouraging messages, heartfelt prayer, and wonderful fellowship as one united body in Christ.

We can't wait to see God working through each of us in new and amazing ways this season. He is doing great things here! Let's boldly step forward together, confident that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion. Our best days of ministry are still ahead!

If you’ve never been or currently are not part of a Community Group, we’d encourage you to join one now! (See Phil Tau)

You. Are. Loved. ❤️

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