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Fasting and Bold Prayers

Jan 7 - 28 

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As part of our Family, we invite you to join our church in boldly praying - to petition the throne of grace purposefully and daily - that Christ will be lifted up, His mission will be fulfilled and that doors would be opened for us to tell more people about Jesus in 2024.


These are the specific areas for prayer that will be highlighted during this intentional time of Prayer and

Small groups


During these days we are praying for God’s blessing as He leads us in the use of our time, talent and treasures for the sake of his Kingdom. We believe Jesus has given us a mission, so we trust that he will graciously provide the means to do it through His Spirit and His people.

We are calling the family of Whitefish Naz to be in prayer about abstaining from food for a time of fasting. There will also be alternative fasts for those who cannot forego food for health purposes. By fasting, we express our hunger for Jesus to forward his mission in our hearts, homes, churches, and communities.  Not sure how to fast or why you should fast or what fasting is? Don’t worry. Over the next few weeks, we will provide plenty of info and insight to help us along the way.  Then, as a family, join together each Wednesday night beginning on 11 January for a time of prayer.  On 29 January we will celebrate by breaking our fast together. We would encourage you to join us in this celebratory meal of thanksgiving and rejoicing.

Please begin praying now for enthusiastic participation across the entire church.  Be in prayer in the days leading up to our fast asking Jesus to show you how He’d like you to be involved!  What an honor and joy it is to join in Christ’s Kingdom work as we love and serve Him!

Why Fast?

At The Naz, we seek to have the discipline, delight and joy of seeking the Lord. While we are always attentive to what Jesus is saying, the season of a new year offers us the opportunity to examine our relationship with Christ and realign the places where we have drifted, as well as to hear fresh direction and promises for our families and ourselves for the next season of life.  If you have never participated in a fast before, we strongly encourage you to join us. Fasting is a biblical delight and discipline that Matthew 6 reminds us should be part of our lives, just like praying and giving.  Fasting refers to a period of time when a believer chooses to go without food or other things in order to become more aware of how fully dependent we are on God. Fasting is “unplugging” from other sources so that we can more fully “plug into” God.

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