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Jason & Amy Wilson

Senior  Pastor


Marilyn Riley

Office Administrator


Kari Kimera

GIGL Daycare Director


Whitefish Nazarene is a church
advancing Christ's Kingdom by loving God,
journeying together, and engaging the world!

What does that mean?

  • Loving God:  We take great joy in celebrating our God. We believed that worship is expressed by knowing God everyday, glorifying Him in thought, word and deed, and living in sacrificial obedience. We believe that God invites everyone everywhere to this kind of life because it is the best possible life. We believe that worship is also expressed corporately through gifts, lyric, the Word, and the Table.

  • Journeying Together:  We value deeply the community of believers that is Whitefish Church of the Nazarene. We believe that we were created for life together; discipling one another, carrying each other's burdens, sharing possessions, praying for one another, true fellowship, crying and celebrating together. We believe that the way of Jesus cannot be lived alone.

  • Engaging the World:  We believe that just as Jesus came to earth in human form, the church is the ongoing presence within the world. Being led by the Spirit, we long to engage the world around us through acts of compassion, proclaiming the Gospel, lifting up the poor, fatherless, and orphan, relieving suffering, and fighting injustice. We believe the church is at its best when it is serving, loving, and sacrificing and caring about the things that God cares about. We believe the church is God's plan for redeeming the world.

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